How will Wisenet benefit your RTO?

Wisenet offers Enterprise RTOs a powerful set of tools to manage staff training records.

Wisenet's Programs & Enrolments features, along with People & Organisations features, allow you to record and track all elements of accredited training but also internal training including:

  • Professional development
  • Induction
  • Short courses
  • Internally developed courses

Additional internal information such as a staff member's department, job role, and position level can also be recorded for reporting or grouping of data.

RTO operations are streamlined with one central repository of all staff training data both accredited and non-accredited.  By leveraging this single platform, Wisenet can supply customised skills matrix reports for mangers and supervisors to help keep track of staff progress and provide 'at a glance' summarised views.

Compliance with Government and statutory obligations are also intrinsic throughout Wisenet, and features equip you with detailed reporting to ensure accurate processing of claims funding.

Timetabling and scheduling provide easy management of training events, venue bookings, and trainer allocation. Smart logic will instantly show any clashes to ensure venues or trainers are not double-booked.

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