How can Wisenet help your RTO?

Wisenet's connected business applications can be used for Fee for Service training providers or in corporate training environments while maintaining compliance obligations under the NCVER.

Users have the ability to deliver and track accredited and non-accredited courses.

For non-accredited training, organisations can create full course and unit of competency details and enrol, deliver, assess, and produce credentials.

Fees and payments can also be recorded against the student's record or augmented to show full financials when integrated with Wisenet's Finance & Payments features.

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Frequently Asked Questions About AVETMISS


AVETMISS is the national standard for reporting VET statistical data in Australia. NCVER is the custodian of the national AVETMISS standard. The collection contains information on publicly funded training programs delivered by government funded and privately operated training providers.

Do AVETMISS reporting collection rules apply to your RTO?

All RTOs are required to collect AVETMISS data for VET delivery and record it in an AVETMISS compliant solution such as the Wisenet LRM platform.

Currently, you are only required to report AVETMISS data if your RTO meets one of the following criteria or more:

  • If your RTO receives government funding
  • If a government body has advised your RTO to report AVETMISS data
  • If an auditor or government agency has requested AVETMISS data

What about other Compliance Standards?

Wisenet also enables RTOs of all sizes to successfully meet compliance standards, regardless of state or territory. Think: USI, VSN, CRICOS, CHESSN, VFH, and FH. Find out more here.

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