Wisenet is a division of Adapt IT


2017 marked Wisenet's 20th year of innovation
in education management


The Wisenet Story

From humble beginnings in 1997, Cairns, Australia...

I was Senior Lecturer at Far North Queensland Institute of TAFE and then teaching hospitality at Benson’s College. Ben was working in his family’s stationery business while teaching computer skills part time.

To sign up a trainee in those days there were no rules, no record management and no reporting systems. In short, things were a mess!  Working like this day to day took its toll and I took some ideas to Ben to see if something could be done via computer software.

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Kim Yelland

Director & Co-Founder

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I first met Ben and Kim back in 2000 when they came to demonstrate the Ochre Information System at our West End Office.  By the end of the demonstration we could quickly see Wise had more to offer than the system we were using, it was more user friendly and with better reporting functionality.  If my memory serves me correctly, what impressed us about Ben and Kim was their RTO background, their enthusiasm for the system and to provide a quality product. I believe this gave them an edge over some of the competition at the time and I’m pleased to say we have been a happy client of Wisenet for the last 17 years.

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Gloria Rogers, Director - Client Services, MTA Insitute of Technology

I first met Ben and Kim in 2000 and we subscribed to Wisenet in the same year.  At that time, both Wisenet (then Ochre) and My Freight Career were still fledgling businesses which gave us a lot in common in understanding the difficulties and complexities in running a small business.  As a new RTO, guaranteeing that we were compliant and had a system in place that met the industry standards along with AVETMISS reporting was imperative.

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Joe Meli, Director - My Freight Career

I first met Ben and Kim and started our Wisenet subscription in 2000.  Apart from their good-looks, my first impressions were that they came across to be approachable, very professional and passionate about their product and the journey they were about to go on.

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Jane Renata, College Principal - Ignite Education

In the heady days of the mid-noughties, growth in international vocational education was unprecedented.  Carrick Institute of Education (then the Australian College of Travel and Hospitality) was in the thick of it and growing fast.  The ability to manage the number of enrolments as well as the day to day operations of managing training data and ensuring compliance with AQTF, AVETMISS and CRICOS was becoming increasingly difficult.

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Mary Kyriacou, (Former) Executive Director - Carrick Institute of Education