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Frequently Asked Questions

We Love Questions!

Here are a few questions we get asked often:

Why is Wisenet offering CRM free?

While we could charge for Wisenet CRM, we feel that all providers should have the tools to better manage the sales process without having to pay for expensive CRM applications.  Improving the sales process will help to increase enrolments allowing providers to grow their business and supply an even better learning experience.

The free edition of Wisenet CRM gives training providers the opportunity to experience Wisenet’s premium products and service without obligation while at the same time getting a product that provides real value to their business.


Will the free edition of Wisenet CRM be free forever?

Yes, customers subscribing to the free edition of Wisenet CRM will receive it at no cost, forever.

Customers who subscribe to Wisenet LRM (Learning Relationship Management) receive all the free CRM features plus additional advanced Sales and Marketing Tools.

What support do I get with free Wisenet CRM?
With detailed articles and step by step guides, the Wisenet CRM Help Centre has everything you need to know about how to use Wisenet CRM.  With in-app chat support is never far away!
Do I need to be a training organisation to subscribe to the free Wisenet CRM?
Yes, only training organisations with a current registration can subscribe to Wisenet CRM.
Can I subscribe to the free Wisenet CRM as an individual (i.e. not a company?)
No, you must be a training organisation with a current registration to subscribe to Wisenet CRM.
Can I assign users different levels of access to Wisenet CRM?
Yes, you can assign a ‘Sales Admin’ or a ‘Sales’ access level to a User.  Please refer to our Resource Centre article on User Access Levels for more details.
Can I import my contact data?
Wisenet will perform the import of your contact data for you free of charge.  We we will supply you with a template that you can populate with your data for import.
Can I capture lead enquiries from my website?
(Coming Soon)  Yes, a Web to Lead form is included that you can add to your website.  A submission via the Web to Lead from will automatically create a sales Contact record in Wisenet CRM/Sales Module and any data entered via the Form saved to the Contact.
Is there a limit on the number of contacts I can have in the free edition of Wisenet CRM?
No, there is no limit to the number of contact records, so go nuts!
Can I send an email?

Yes. You can send emails directly out of Wisenet CRM and you can nominate a 'reply-to' address where any replies will be directed.

Full two-way emailing is on it's way.  We'll keep you posted in our release communications.

Can I see if an email I sent out of Wisenet CRM has been read?
Yes, there is a delivery and read status.
How many users do I get with free Wisenet CRM?
As many as you need!