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Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Get 100% visibility across your sales activity and empower your sales team to achieve greater heights without having to manage multiple spreadsheets, clogged email in-boxes and opportunities that vanish out of existence.

Define your own sales stages and drag-and-drop each opportunity through the sales pipeline.

The Opportunities Board provides a  a full view of your pipeline at a glance, which can be filtered by Sales Rep, Stage, or Description.

With an intuitive and clean design, Wisenet CRM makes it easy for your sales team to manage sales data with in-line editing for fast updates and automatic tracking of emails, tasks, documents and more! 

Maximise Every New Opportunity

Make it easy for potential students to submit online enquiries via easy to use web-to-lead forms that sit inside your website.

New enquiry submissions automatically create a new contact record that your sales team can act on immediately.

Track enquiries to determine what courses are in demand to assist in your scheduling and resourcing.


Make Every Contact Feel Special

With Wisenet, it's all about the relationship.  Individualise each enquiry by recording detailed information about each Contact for continuity and precise conversations.  

Send accurate and timely communications through custom email templates or ad-hoc email messages.

Schedule tasks to ensure that any follow up activity is carried out on time so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Every Wisenet CRM activity is automatically recorded against the Contact's Logbook for a complete historical reference or so anyone can pick up where you last left off.

Track Sales Performance

It's critical for any business to know exactly how ales are performing at any time in order to make the right decisions and for more accurate forecasting.

Wisenet CRM automatically displays all your sales data in easy to read dashboard reports in real-time.

Record the value against each opportunity, owner and expected close date and see a summary of all opportunities in each sales stage and the total value.


Engage With All Stakeholders

Create and nurture better relationships with employers, workplaces and agents.

Assign opportunities to Workplaces or individual Contacts.

Manage Agents and their individual opportunities.  Linking a Contact to an agent makes it easy to see where each enrolment originated from.

Define custom tags to group Contacts and create lists for more accurate and meaningful communications.

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