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In today's ultra-competitive world, the way organisations manage their sales and marketing activity is critical to their success.  Wisenet's Free CRM has all the essential features you need to make managing the sales process easy, accurate and timely.
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Manage Opportunities

Progress opportunities through each phase of the sales funnel. See where everything is at a glance including opportunity source, potential value and success.

Set Tags

Define your own custom tags to identify and group contacts. Create lists for targeted communications and bulk activities.

Analyse Sales Data

Track sales data with reports and dashboards for better forecasting and decision making. Get meaningful insights to help improve products and performance.

Manage Contacts

New enrolment leads, sales contacts, alumni, workplaces and agents: Record and leverage your stakeholder data to actively grow your business.

Record Event History

Capture every email, conversation or document against each Contact's Logbook. See all events in chronological order making it easy to pick up where you left off.

Nurture Leads

Nurture leads and alumni for a more personalised experience to improve engagement and maximise new opportunities.

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