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Christabel Lum Oct 22, 2015 12:00:00 AM 2 min read

10 Steps To Becoming An Approved HELP Provider

Take the next step: apply to become an approved HELP provider! 

We've also put together a list of Best Practices for HELP application. Read it here.

Here is the checklist:

Ensure the following:

1) Your organisation has been registered on TESQA or TGA, whichever is relevant to your sector of interest

If you are a registered higher education institution (RHEI), go to Tertiary Education Quality and Standard Agency (TESQA)

If you are a registered training organisation (RTO), go to

2) You have access to HITS (HELP Information Technology System)

Get it done in three easy steps:

  • Obtain your TGA/TESQA code
  • Go to this link on the Education Website
  • Register for one account for your organisation

Once complete, you will be able to create more users as needed.

3) You have provided organisational requirement information on HITS

This will include your full legal name, address, TGA/TEQSA, registered business names, details of influential stakeholders, and 'Fit and Proper' information.

4) You meet legislative body corporate requirements

Specified bodies have been established under the state vocational education and training legislation. Otherwise, your organisation has to be a recognised as a legal, corporate entity under Australian law. Your organisation's business must also be managed and controlled from within Australia.

5) You are offering at least one eligible course

Upon completion of data entry into HITS, the system will be able to show a list of your eligible courses - only if you are registered and listed on TESQA of TGA. 

6) Your organisation is deemed financially viable

You have to upload financial viability documents as listed in the guide. Please note that there are at least 32 documents listed as "required" for this section alone.

7) Tuition Assurance Scheme (TAS) information complete

If you are using TAS:

Enter and upload TAS information on HITS. If you're still just planning to provide Tuition Assurance, provide documents that you are in the process of applying for TAS membership.

If you are not using a TAS:
You will need to provide relevant deeds and financial information, also on HITS

For more information on Tuition Assurance Schemes, please refer to p.16-21 of the FEE-HELP/VET FEE-HELP pplication Guide. This section also includes information on exemptions, legal separation, and fee repayment assurance.

8) Contact details of the 5 VIPS are ready

This should include: one primary contact person for sector of interest, the CEO, the Senior Authorised Officer/Director, the Auditor, the Accountant

9) 'Fairness & Privacy' requirements are in check



10) Compliance for loan schemes and data

Meet legislative requirements


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