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Christabel Lum Oct 30, 2015 12:00:00 AM 1 min read

Product Update: New Educational Performance Indicator Reports for New Zealand PTE Providers!

If you're familiar with qReports (query Reports), you'd already know that it's a powerful query reporting tool that literally makes audit reports and compliance reporting easy. 

If you're new to our qReports, read this introductory article in our free Resource Centre

Thought it couldn't get any better? You're going to love this: our latest qReport update means that your Education Performance Indicator (EPI) report for all of your learners can now be generated within minutes (or even seconds, depending on the scale of your PTE)! 

1) What are Education Performance Indicators (EPIs)?

EPIs are a set of Indicators determined by the New Zealand government and are meant to give a measurement of overall performance. Satisfactory EPIs are mandatory for continued government funding. This is applicable to SAC and ITO providers, but each provider type has its own set of indicators.

2) How will qReports help me with EPI reporting?

If set up correctly, qReports help to ensure accuracy in your reporting and analysis. qReports are designed to help PTEs cut out human error and double entry in essential compliance/audit reporting, all within minutes.

(Psst! Curious about qReports? Read this introductory article in our free Resource Centre.)

Getting those numbers for one or a few learners is easy, but doing it for your entire private training establishment is not (we know!). Many PTEs face the challenge of producing accurate reports, and that often requires more manpower and staff time. 

Now you can hit all the right spots within minutes and still ensure you're on track to SAC funding - we've got you covered from 'Course Completion' to 'Trainee Progression' and even 'Participation of Māori, Pacific, and Young People'!

SAC Providers can now use qReports for the following indicators:

  • Course Completion,
  • Qualification Completion,
  • Target Group Participation,
  • Student Progression, and
  • Student Retention reports

ITO Providers can now use qReports for the following indicators:

  • Credit Completion,
  • Programme Completion,
  • Trainee Progression, and
  • Participation of Māori, Pacific, and Young People

Ready to get started with your EPI reports? Request a free demo here, and we'll be with you in 2 working days, tops!

What type of Reports have you struggled with before? How did you face those challenges? Share your story below!

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