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Christabel Lum Oct 29, 2015 12:00:00 AM 1 min read

Using Wisenet Like A Pro (Part 1)

Back in August this year, we launched a fab new Wisenet LRM platform, packed with new features and automation possibilities. We asked our users what they thought of it. It turned out that, no, many of you did not know about some of our new features like Logbooks and Learncycle Workflows.

We're taking this chance to inform you - our good-looking, efficient users - about all the cool stuff in Wisenet that you may have missed. 

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The New Logbooks: Home of Journals and Documents.

Think of Logbooks as the one-stop location for all documents, reports, messages, and notes (even diary notes!).

Every core Section on Wisenet - such as Clients, Course Enrolments, and Organisations - has its own Logbook. Client Logbook? Check. Course Enrolment Logbook? Check, check, check - they're even organised according to your course offers and users.

Can't find it? For starters, select Clients at the top of your screen and look to the left sidebar. Once you spot "Logbook" and click it, you've arrived at your destination.

It really began as a mission to simplify Document generation and management for our users, without stripping away core functions and the cloud-based storage that everyone enjoys on Wisenet.

The best part? Logbooks can be fully integrated with Learncycles, an automation framework designed to make your life easier! Read on to see how!

uReports: Automatically generate and attach them to relevant records.

Your uReports - once generated via our Wizard - will be assigned to the relevant section once it's complete.

For those of you who aren't familiar with uReports, they're a self-service portal for custom enrolment documents.

Learncycle Workflows

The new buzzword in any industry today is "Automation." Learncycle Workflows is our answer to that. 

It's designed to help our good-looking and efficient users achieve peak productivity and save even more time in their work.

Drag 'n' Drop to upload files

Drag 'n' Drop documents 

Homepage Dashboards


Christabel Lum

Christabel is a Digital Marketing Executive at Wisenet. Content marketing, inbound marketing, and website development, and education technology are her latest adventures, because they make a fab combination of her favourite things: building things from scratch and writing.