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Christabel Lum Jul 4, 2016 12:00:00 AM 3 min read

X Reasons For Small Business Owners To Go Cloud-First

Target audience: Contacts in our database who rediscover Wisenet after some inactivity BUT have not submitted any enquiry; using one system but appear to be looking for new vendor. Preferably compliance managers

Distribution: blog+email to target audience above

Topics: Risk management and compliance

Message: switching is fast, safe, and easy. Use analogy of weight-loss ads - "fat, bloated company before, lean and efficient after", "unhealthy/health problems before, healthy after"

cost efficiency growth risk security


For a long time, Learning Management Systems and Student Management Systems have been synonymous with the cloud, but the pressure on vendors has been compounded by the reality that training providers need more than cloud-based solutions. 

With Wisenet, we've been trying to build new paths and bring effortless automation, powerful reporting, and seamless integration together for our valued customers.

1. You Get More For What You Pay For

We know, technology trends are always on an upward swing, and vendors are always competing to offer more at cut-throat prices. 

Reason for cheer? We say it's not, unless you've found a vendor that can offer the security, reliability, user experience, and compliance that your business needs.

Cloud-based applications have been around long enough, but finding a vendor like that is still a dream for many

The good news: your search could end here.

Wisenet comes at a low price, but comes packed with premium features. Everything -- including automation, a student management system, reporting, cloud-based business applications, and top-notch security -- has been thrown into the mix (along with sugar and spice from our fab Customer Success team!).

2. You Can Do More With Less

We introduced Learncycle Workflows in August 2015, and it has fast become a favourite feature among our valued customers. Fondly known as Learncycles, this programmable and customisable automation framework enables users to make the most of their time at work.

The high-level of automation doesn't stop at basic triggers and field updates; Learncycle users can also automate processes at every stage of your Learner Relationship Management and messaging. This feature also comes with custom templates and document generation capabilities. 

3. You'll Enjoy A Peace Of Mind

Remember our recent post on diagnosing and combating App Fatigue? Despite being the most important aspect of any buyer's decision, security and reliability are often overlooked and forgotten in the face of function and feel. 

The focus of most other vendors tends to only be on education management, but most forget that security and reliability are important, too. 

Think about it.

What will happen if your application crashes? How likely are you to lose data in that scenario? How strong is the lock on your data? Who in your team has the expertise to deal with such crises?

Security and reliability have always been at the core of our business.

We understand that issues like those are difficult to navigate and understand, so we've made it our mission to take care of these issues for registered training organisations. That's why our users in 650+ cities enjoy a peace of mind every day. 

4. Switching To Wisenet Is Safe And Easy


Moving to the cloud-based Wisenet -- whether you're going from a desktop application or a cloud-based one -- is 

Not just about amazon - also making sure data and access and staff are secure - jobready or acc may not have the same levels of security

no 1 provider to rtos, been in business for 20 years, only focused on education management systems, wisenet has a focus unlike others

tease a bit with "we're going to be launching some new things in the next couple of months!" e.g. more automation features to come

price - we're a premium product and you can't compare us to regular competition because we are different, level of innovation is high, also constantly upgrading and looking for new technologies to have higher levels of automation



Christabel Lum

Christabel is a Digital Marketing Executive at Wisenet. Content marketing, inbound marketing, and website development, and education technology are her latest adventures, because they make a fab combination of her favourite things: building things from scratch and writing.