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Build vs. Buy

Asking yourself if you can build this process yourself or using a developer?

It looks super easy, right? Don’t be fooled by Sales+ good looks. It takes some serious brains, time, and research to develop the perfect CRM built for the education and training industry. Here we break down the details of building versus buying.

Using a developer


  • Specific to your needs

  • Data is accessible only by you

  • You feel you have greater control over your analytics

  • Everyone gets input

  • Can be built to integrate with other critical programs


  • Higher infrastructure costs

  • Engineering takes time away from your core business

  • Requires ongoing internal support and maintenance

  • Issues with data integrity

  • Siloed data

  • Difficult for multiple teams to use

  • It’s a point solution and doesn’t include marketing

  • Harder to add new features over time

  • Greater potential for error

  • Long development period



  • Feature-rich

  • Easy integration

  • Proven expertise

  • Access to services, support, and resources

  • Ability to easily add features

  • Doesn’t require any of your development team’s time

  • Roadmap is influenced by industry leaders and verticals

  • Grows alongside your app

  • Cross-platform marketing capabilities

  • Reliable and compliant data


  • Can be time consuming to find the right fit (but you’re here now!)

  • Less customised

  • Potential to lose access to raw data.

  • Perceived high cost

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