It all began in 1997 in Cairns, Australia. Kim was teaching Hospitality at college, and I was teaching computer skills part time. While the college was busy, behind the scenes, things were a mess! No records, no reporting systems - it was all very ad-hoc.

Kim and I saw an opportunity to create something special, so we spent a few weeks building a simple Access application for some basic record keeping. We then took the application and presented to management. They were impressed and we secured our first customer!

We then took a gamble that would change the course of our lives: Kim and I jumped in the car and spent the next few weeks driving 2,000km to Brisbane - calling into colleges in all the little towns along the way - and found that there was a real need for better records management.

By the time we reached Brisbane, we had more than 40 customers! With this shot of confidence, Kim and I left our day jobs and have never looked back since.

We've come a long way since that first application (on a floppy disk!) to what Wisenet is today - a multi-national company offering our unique cloud-based Learning Relationship Management platform.

Our sincere thanks to our loyal customers - some of you have been with us for the entire journey! And of course, our thanks to our team across the world who make Wisenet happen every day. 

- Ben Hamilton, CEO & Co-founder, Wisenet

Wisenet Philosophy

Wisenet's philosophy is very simple; to create brilliant cloud-based applications for training organisations. By using the latest technologies, the education industry can do more with less.

That's what our business is all about: saving you time and money -- especially on Student Management and Learning Management fronts -- so that you can focus on growing your business by doing what you do best. Our products take out the complexities, risks, and administrative burdens associated with running a training organisation.

Wisenet Values 

Underlying our philosophy is a core set values, which guides everything that we do as a company and as individuals. Our values provide the foundations of how we approach everything and everyone -- internally and externally -- in relation to our company. These include:

  • Learning
    Learning is integral to the way we conduct our business. We are continuously improving the way we do things through learning to get the best outcomes for ourselves and our customers. We have a thirst for new knowledge and ideas and the sharing of this knowledge with other people.

  • Innovation
    We strive to act on the room for improvements we identify and utilise the new knowledge and ideas that we discover. We strive to always be several steps ahead in the products and services we deliver. We are passionate about developing new ways of doing things.

  • Efficiency
    We're all about creating greater efficiency for our customers, so that they can focus on the core activities that they do best. We also rely on tight internal processes and the use of the latest and most efficient tools to make our business as lean as possible.

  • Flexibility
    We greatly value flexibility and diversity in our business. Our products and services are responsive to the diversity that exists within our customers, just as our workplace practices are flexible to the diversity that exists within our team.

  • Transparency
    We like to ensure that our team members are able to understand the context and inter-relationships of their work with the rest of the organisation through effective internal communications. Our goodwill and customer success also rely on honesty and transparency with current and future customers in order to adequately set and meet expectations.
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