Wisenet is a division of Adapt IT

With a history in education and running training organisations, Wisenet was founded by industry professionals who saw a gap in the learner and education management systems of the world. The application was built to keep basic records, but it has since become much more than that.

Colleges, education facilities, online training organisations, and more have started using our learner and education management system for multiple reasons; as a CRM for education, a student management system to keep students engaged and informed, as a means for colleges to manage their classes and their learners, and, of course, a student record-keeping system.

Below is the story of how we evolved to become Wisenet. With the changes that took place in the world in 2020 we are still evolving since there are more learners being educated online, and the need for cloud-based student CRM systems is growing. As Wisenet, continuously strive to deliver with the ever-changing needs of training organisations and education systems globally.


The making of Wisenet education management system

With the challenges we've all experiencing this year, 2020 is also a significant milestone for Wisenet.  This year we celebrate 10 years in Singapore!  

It all began in 1997 in Cairns, Australia. My Co-founder Kim was teaching Hospitality at college, and I was teaching computer skills part time. While the college was busy, behind the scenes, things were a mess! No records, no reporting systems - it was all very ad-hoc.

Kim and I saw an opportunity to create something special, so we spent a few weeks building an application for some basic record keeping. We then took the application and presented to management. They were impressed and we secured our first customer!

We then took a gamble that would change the course of our lives: Kim and I jumped in the car and spent the next few weeks driving 2,000km to Brisbane - calling into colleges in all the little towns along the way - and found that there was a real need for better records and student management.

By the time we reached Brisbane, we had secured dozens of customers for our education management system! With this shot of confidence, Kim and I left our day jobs and have never looked back since.

In 2010 I relocated to my new home, Singapore, to establish Wisenet's Asia headquarters. In 2018 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary - a proud moment and quite a milestone in the software industry! 

We've come a long way since that first application (on a floppy disk!) to what Wisenet is today - a multi-national company offering our unique cloud-based Learning Relationship Management platform. We continue to remain faithful to our origins while pioneering the future.

With offices in Australia, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Europe, Wisenet is the vendor of choice for Training Providers around the world, with millions of enrolments under management.  

It's been quite the ride! My sincere thanks to our worldwide team members, network of suppliers and loyal customers!   

In 2019 Wisenet was acquired by Adapt IT a member of Volaris Group Inc. – a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) a listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the journey continues!

- Ben Hamilton, CEO & Co-founder, Wisenet

How Wisenet can help your training organisation

Wisenet has developed a learner and education management system that speaks to all of the requirements of running a training organisation. From managing sales to marketing courses, managing student records, to integrating with various vendor applications. All of it is covered in one easy-to-use application.

Here are some of the highlighted student management features that you can take advantage of:

  • Sales and marketing: Comprehensive sales and marketing component that helps you manage all aspects of getting your courses out there.

  • People and enrolments: Management of students and enrolments, trainer portal for educational assistance, plus learner app for student assistance.

  • Automation and integration: Learncycle Workflows get things done quickly, plus you can integrate with a number of other applications.

  • Documents and messaging: Use our templates to create your own documentation, messaging is handled in one place, and everything is recorded.

  • Compliance and reporting: Reports, analytics, all the background information you need, as well as relevant compliance in place.

  • Security and support: manage everything on a secure platform and get support for your training organisation and your students.