Wisenet is a division of Adapt IT

It all began in 1997 in Cairns, Australia. My Co-founder Kim was teaching Hospitality at college, and I was teaching computer skills part time. While the college was busy, behind the scenes, things were a mess! No records, no reporting systems - it was all very ad-hoc.

Kim and I saw an opportunity to create something special, so we spent a few weeks building an application for some basic record keeping. We then took the application and presented to management. They were impressed and we secured our first customer!

We then took a gamble that would change the course of our lives: Kim and I jumped in the car and spent the next few weeks driving 2,000km to Brisbane - calling into colleges in all the little towns along the way - and found that there was a real need for better records management.

By the time we reached Brisbane, we had more than dozens of customers! With this shot of confidence, Kim and I left our day jobs and have never looked back since.

We've come a long way since that first application (on a floppy disk!) to what Wisenet is today - a multi-national company offering our unique cloud-based Learning Relationship Management platform.

Today Wisenet is the vendor of choice for hundreds of Training Providers around the world, with millions of enrolments under management.

In 2019 Wisenet was acquired by publicly listed Adapt IT (JSE:ADI), and the journey continues!

- Ben Hamilton, CEO & Co-founder, Wisenet