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With a history in education and running training organisations, Wisenet was founded by industry professionals who saw a gap in the learner and education management systems of the world. The application was built to keep basic records, but it has since become much more than that.


Colleges, education facilities, online training organisations, and more have started using our learner and education management system for multiple reasons; as a CRM for education, a student management system to keep students engaged and informed, as a means for colleges to manage their classes and their learners, and, of course, a student record-keeping system.


Below is the story of how we evolved to become Wisenet. With the changes that took place in the world in 2020 we are still evolving since there are more learners being educated online, and the need for cloud-based student CRM systems is growing. As Wisenet, continuously strive to deliver with the ever-changing needs of training organisations and education systems globally.


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Wisenet Values

Underlying our philosophy is a core set values, which guides everything that we do as a company and as individuals. Our values provide the foundations of how we approach everything and everyone -- internally and externally -- in relation to our company. These include:

  • Learning
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
Learning is integral to the way we conduct our business. We are continuously improving the way we do things through learning to get the best outcomes for ourselves and our customers. We have a thirst for new knowledge and ideas and the sharing of this knowledge with other people.
We strive to act on the room for improvements we identify and utilise the new knowledge and ideas that we discover. We strive to always be several steps ahead in the products and services we deliver. We are passionate about developing new ways of doing things.
We're all about creating greater efficiency for our customers, so that they can focus on the core activities that they do best. We also rely on tight internal processes and the use of the latest and most efficient tools to make our business as lean as possible.
We greatly value flexibility and diversity in our business. Our products and services are responsive to the diversity that exists within our customers, just as our workplace practices are flexible to the diversity that exists within our team.
We like to ensure that our team members are able to understand the context and inter-relationships of their work with the rest of the organisation through effective internal communications. Our goodwill and customer success also rely on honesty and transparency with current and future customers in order to adequately set and meet expectations.

The making of Wisenet education management system

We've come a long way since that first application (on a floppy disk!) to what Wisenet is today - a multi-national company offering our unique cloud-based Learning Relationship Management platform. We continue to remain faithful to our origins while pioneering the future.

  • Ochre logo 6

    1997 - Wisenet is Born

    Wisenet is founded by Ben Hamilton and Kim Yelland as Ochre Information Systems in Cairns, Australia

  • logo 2-100

    2001 - Wise.Net is Launched

    The first Wise.Net application is released, making it the first web-based student management system in Australia

  • Melbourne-1

    2004 - Move to Melbourne

    Wise.Net moves its head office to Melbourne

  • Cloud

    2010 - Enter the Cloud

    Wise.Net Platform is launched, offering the first integrated, cloud-based platform to the Australian training industry

  • Queenstown

    2010 - Crossing the Ditch

    Wisenet opens its first office in Queenstown, New Zealand and releases the New Zealand version of Wise.NET

  • Singapore-1

    2012 - Entering Asia

    Wisenet opens its Asia office in Singapore and releases its Singaporean and Malaysian compliant version of Wise.NET

  • Wisenet timeline-100

    2015 - The Next Generation

    Wisenet is relaunched as a Sophicated, highly automated Learning Relationship Management Platform

  • Adapt IT timeline-100

    2019 - Acquisition by Adapt IT

    Wisenet was acquired by Adapt IT a member of Volaris Group Inc. – a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) a listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the journey continues!

  • 25 years-100

    2022 - Twenty Five Years

    Wisenet celebrates our 25 year anniversary

How Wisenet can help your training organisation

Wisenet has developed a learner and education management system that speaks to all of the requirements of running a training organisation. From managing sales to marketing courses, managing student records, to integrating with various vendor applications. All of it is covered in one easy-to-use application. Here are our product that you can take advantage of:

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Works with any website

Design your own application forms

Sell your courses on any website

Take payments instantly

Manage your sales pipeline

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Meet your compliance obligations

Manage your entire learner lifecycle

Powerful automated workflow engine

Easily connect to other applications

Comprehensive dashboard reporting

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Create rich learner experiences

Conduct assessments & quizzes

Map grades & results

Integrate with Office 365 & G Suite

Scale to any learner number

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Wisenet One


CRM for Education

Student Management System

Online Learning Platform

Everything you need

Unlimited users

Ready to get started?