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Data Migration Plans & Best Practices

We've lined up various data migration options and best practices to make your transition to your shiny new Wisenet cloud as easy as possible.

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Free Conversion Import Data

An express train to beautiful Learning Relationship Management for all.

Existing customers of VETtrak, aXcelerate, JobReady, EduPoint and other platforms can opt for data migration to Wisenet. Choose from free basic, standard, or custom data migration. To learn more, view import guides below or compare editions.



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Custom Data Import

A tailor-made experience designed to meet your Data Migration needs.

Our Team can develop Custom Data import scripts for your RTO to facilitate the move.

This will follow a data import scope - customised for your RTO's needs - which will determine the estimated total cost. To learn more, compare options across editions or send us an enquiry.

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Import Templates

Import templates are a lower-cost alternative to custom imports.  Populate our CSV templates with your data and we'll do the rest. 

Two types of import templates offered:

  • Basic: includes learner details only

  • Standard: includes learner, enrolment and workplace details Wisenet will import whatever you deliver to us directly into our systems.

If you are not confident that you will be able to populate these templates effectively, we suggest selecting one of our other data migration options.

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