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What is the Wisenet API?
Why consider accessing our API?
What should I consider before purchasing the Wisenet API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is used to link one application to another by way of an interface that contains a number of Wisenet fields called ‘endpoints’. A developer can then use these endpoints in this interface to map certain Wisenet fields to fields in other systems.

Through the Wisenet API and with the adequate development resources, you can connect your Wisenet account to anything. This provides endless possibilities for the capabilities of your systems. Many Wisenet customers have used the API to integrate all the systems in their business into one enterprise wide platform, drastically reducing inefficiencies within their businesses. Have a look at the endpoints available in the API to see which fields can be mapped over to other systems.

While the API offers considerable possibilities from an integration perspective, it is worth noting that the API differs from other Wisenet Add-Ons in that it takes a considerable amount of development work from the customer's end. Before considering using the API, it is important to consider whether the necessary development resources are affordable and available to you.

Wisenet has range of APIs available to suit your individual needs.  Customers who would like to use our API will need to employ their own development resources. Contact us today about how we can make your training organisation’s system requirements a reality.

For web developers looking to integrate Wisenet with current systems, please consult our Developer Resources in our resource center for more information.