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Take your course delivery online

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Leverage technology with a light-weight online learning solution for a dynamic and engaging study experience.
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All content new

All content in one place


Sort and find your courses on a single page


Navigate easily between courses and quickly get where you need to be


View course structure at a glance and always keep track of where you are


Manage your staff members and allocate roles


Quickly spot pending tasks and activities


Learner Profile v2

Full accessibility for learners & staff


100% mobile friendly interface to access wherever you are


See at a glance what needs to be done to complete an activity


Keep track of deadlines and ensure course requirements are met


Enhanced accessibility for screen readers and keyboard navigation


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Course Delivery new

Course delivery the way you want it


Get an overview of the whole course structure


Rearrange your course easily by dragging and dropping sections and activities


Share audio, video and slides, create breakout rooms, chat, share notes, and interact on the whiteboard in real time with built-in video conferencing


Notify your learners of changes in their courses via email and mobile app alerts


Timtable screen

Make informed decisions

Build custom reports with data that matters to you:


Drag and drop interface with instance preview


Schedule regular reports and share them with others in your organisation


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6 Reasons eLearning is Simpler Using Wisenet

1 elearning
Instant learner grades without lifting a finger
Generate learner grades with automated grading between Wisenet eLearning or your external elearning application.
2 elearning
Automatic learner access management
Use powerful workflows to automatically enable or disable learner elearning access using your set parameters.
3 elearning
Automatic grading according to your rules
Get learner reports with data collated between Wisenet eLearning or your external elearning application, according to your parameters.
4 elearning
Simplified user and password management
Leverage the LMS user management with automated email invitations to new users or use custom authentication and login methods to your access page.
5 elearning
Instant notifications for grading issues
VLOOKUP is a thing of the past, don’t squabble through spreadsheets of data. Wisenet identifies any grading issues for immediate rectification.
6 elearning
Pay for what you use
You only pay for learners that are active in a course, putting you in the driving seat of your business expenses - no surprises!

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