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Migrate from JobReady

Want to move existing student management data, but worried about data migration? With thousands of data migrations under our belt, Wisenet provides the switching support you need to make system transition as seamless as possible.

AVETMISS Data Migration is Easy!

Wisenet has converted countless JobReady customers to our Learning Relationship Management platform, and increased efficiency and growth in their businesses. The Wisenet team is familiar with JobReady databases and so can easily migrate data through our well established import routines. What are you waiting for? Cut costs and grow your business through Wisenet's reliable, highly automated platform today!


Basic Migration


Student personal contact details (Student numbers, Tax file numbers, CHEESN number)

Student AVETMISS data - excluding drop down or click box fields - disability / qualification issued / year issued

Custom Migration

Price on evaluation

Wisenet also offers custom migrations from JobReady databases into the Wisenet platform if you would like additional fields brought over to Wisenet. Leave an enquiry below and our representatives will be able to consult you as to how much it will cost.

NB:  All prices quoted are exclusive of GST.

Make the move today!

Moving to Wisenet is easy. Switch today and revolutionise your business with the smart, efficient and reliable Wisenet platform