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5 Ways eLearning is Simpler Using Wisenet

Thanks to Auto Grade, our newest feature set, you can rest assured that your learner’s data is constantly and automatically updated, collated, and graded. Auto Grade automatically updates your learner’s grade fields in Wisenet when a final grade is received from your external elearning system or LMS.

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eLearning & Auto Grade

Here’s 5 ways you can save time and money with the eLearning Connector

Instant learner grades without lifting a finger

Generate learner grades with automated grading between your external elearning application and Wisenet. Our powerful eLearning Connector allows your LMS to speak directly with Wisenet.

Log into your external elearning application, view your learner results, and grade manually in Wisenet. This takes a lot of time and there's a lot of room for human error.
Simplified user and password management

Leverage the LMS user management with automated email invitations to new users or use custom authentication and login methods to your access page. Whether it’s Office365, G Suite, or your intranet; the choice is yours.

Automatic learner access management

Use powerful workflows to automatically enable or disable learner elearning access using your set parameters. Easily view who is actively enrolled in a specific course.

Manually engage with various departments to gather your learner’s status and go to elearning application settings to enable or disable access. This leads to human error and reliance on manual operations.
Instant notifications for grading issues

VLOOKUP is a thing of the past, don’t squabble through spreadsheets of data. Wisenet identifies any grading issues for immediate rectification. This includes missing Auto Grade rules, unmapped unit codes, and previously graded records.

Automatic grading according to your rules

Get learner reports with data collated between your external elearning application and Wisenet. All grades are determined by your rule parameters leaving you in full control.

Go into your elearning application to collect the data manually. Calculate the results for each learner based on your custom average and weighing.

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