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Sales+ in practice for International Course Providers

Sales+ manages your entire learner acquisition life cycle for international course providers, like yourself! Wisenet allows you to achieve more from discovery to registration!

International Courses

You set the rules, we’ll follow them

The Sales+ powerful automation workflow engine follows your application and enrolment processes.

Focus attention where it’s needed

Have more time available to focus on the nuanced aspects of an application that don't fit your sales playbook.

Give applicants a customised experience

Use multi sites to tailor your message and localise content according to your multiple target markets.

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 Zero code integration

Fast and simple integration to your existing website setup.

 Design your own form

Full control over your application requirements.

Custom styles

Consistency with your corporate identity and brand guidelines.

Image library

Access a plethora of stock images for ultimate form or course customisation.

Publishing schedule

Go-live according to your protocols.

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Multiple applications, one form

Reduce repetitive tasks by using a single application form to apply to multiple institutions.

Custom Fields

Passport, IELTS, or bank statements, included unlimited fields that match your data collection needs without the help of IT.

Form version history

Parents, agents, or learners can save, undo, and revert to previous versions so no work is lost.

Custom Workflow Rules

Align Sales+ to match your current application process.

Powerful Workflow Engine

Keep contacts engaged throughout the enquiry or application process.

Less Admin, More Sales

Send automated emails, SMSs, and tasks to your team.

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Easily keep track of documents

Applicants can upload the required documents defined by you.

Terms & conditions

Add your commercial literature for immediate perusal and acceptance.

Digital Signatures

Sign for a binding agreement during the application process.

Payment gateways

Less application resistance with application payment options on demand.

Open applications

Create open applications under course offers where you can accept, leave as pending, or reject with reason.

Automated messaging

Use the powerful workflow engine to close deals by messaging applicants or task actions to staff.

Custom Pipeline Assignment

Use multi sites to automatically assign applications into the correct pipeline.

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Automated notifications

Get applications on the fly and manage enrollments in real time.

Contact logbook

Assign tasks to staff or teams to analyse applications and registrations.
Details are stored in the logbook against contact.

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