About Cloud Assess

Cloud Assess is a practical system designed for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to create, conduct, and control assessments. Built for the Australian VET sector, it has tailor made features such as mapping and its ability to allow trainers and assessors to conduct assessments whether they are in a classroom environment or out in the field. A sustainable initiative, it saves time and money from traditional paper-based methods of assessing. As a company, they are engaged and responsive to the needs of industry and continue to invest heavily in product development, customer service, and design.

What you can do with Cloud Assess on Wisenet

Integration capabilities between Wisenet and Cloud Assess include the following: 

  • Sync enrolments from Wisenet to Cloud Assess 
  • Live result transfer from Cloud Assess to Wisenet

The Wisenet-Cloud Assess integration is developed by Cloud Assess. For more information, please contact Cloud Assess.

Wisenet has helped us to move our database from a paper-based filing system (time and space consuming) to an integrated online portal. 

BCS International College (Singapore)


- Fouzi Abdat, Director, BCS International College (Singapore)