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SurveyMonkey & Wisenet Student Management Connector


Access, align and act on your SurveyMonkey Student Management survey results and data directly from Wisenet Student Management. Send surveys to an individual or group of learners and capture results all from within Wisenet Student Management. Wisenet customers with existing SurveyMonkey subscriptions can enjoy two-way integration via our SurveyMonkey connector at no extra cost.




SurveyMonkey is the world's most popular survey tool that can be used to gain feedback for a range of different purposes. Adding SurveyMonkey to your Wisenet account includes AQTF Learner and Employer survey templates.

Why add LRM Surveys?

Surveys are an essential component of a successful training organisation and provide a way to:

  • Discover what's going on in your business

  • Provide an opportunity to discuss key topics with customers and staff

  • Prioritise actions based on objective data

  • Obtain industry trends/benchmarks for insights

  • Meet compliance obligations such as AQTF Quality Indicator Reports 

What you can do with the Wisenet-SurveyMonkey Integration Connector

  • Distribute Student Management surveys amongst contacts through Wisenet and the Wisenet Learner App
  • Store survey results against learner records inside Wisenet Student Management.