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Compliance in Australia

Effortlessly meet regulatory requirements with Wisenet’s top-tier compliance management solutions, featuring powerful data validation and exceptional support.

Wisenet delivers comprehensive compliance for Australian RTOs including AVETMISS, USI, TCSI, VET Student Loans and CRICOS requirements for international providers.


With powerful data validation, error correction, documentation, all backed up with amazing customer support Wisenet has you covered.

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Manage AVETMISS with ease with pre-populated AVETMISS fields along with compliant exports for all States and Territories.
TCSI Reporting

Manage TCSI Reporting with ease with easy data collection and automated reporting to TCSI. 

Victorian Student Number (VSN)
Enter VSNs and automatically sync them with the Victorian Student Register.
Keep track of all CRICOS requirements. Set up Fees, Agent Details, Letters of Offer, CoE and more.
VSL & HE Automation

Simplify VET Student Loan and Higher Education enrolment processes with automated Invoices, CANs and eCAF Integration.

Unique Student Identifer (USI)
Enter and validate USI numbers automatically via Wisenet. Learners can also enter their USI directly via the Learner App.

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