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Looking for a TCSI data solution for your VSL or HE reporting? Your search can end here!

Our new Claims Reporting Tool removes administrative complexities and burdens of VSL and HE reporting. Simply collect TCSI data and Wisenet will do the rest.

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Avoid payment delays and improve cash flow

We have invested greatly in our Claims Reporting Tool for TCSI data and VSL/HE reporting so you don’t have to, that way you have the best chance of being paid by the federal government on time, without the fuss.

Cash is king so that is why improving your claims process will avoid unnecessary delays that could result in adverse effects in cash flow. The new Claims Reporting Module can streamline this process with technology that is designed to remove the complexities out of your reporting and claims process.

Free up your time for more high value tasks

Spend less time on collecting and reporting data and more time on what is important. By removing manual data syncing or file export and upload processes, Wisenet fully automates the claims process. Simply collect TCSI data and Wisenet will do the rest.

Wisenet removes the complexity of VSL and HE reporting. When combined with our comprehensive documentation and training, we offer our customers an easy path to generating revenue from an entirely new market of domestic students.

  • All VSL/HE data is automatically kept in sync with TCSI

  • Dashboards that allow for TCSI monitoring

  • Advanced tools to assist with data validation errors

Automated processes used in other VSL and HE features

WisenetUsing Wisenet

  • Full automated document generation with email delivery

  • Email delivery status (sent, opened, clicked)

  • Set desired schedule based on the unit of study census dates

  • Custom email templates for personalisation

KeyboardUsing the alternative

Manually running reports or looking for records that have specific census dates to then manually process the required documents and send via email.

WisenetUsing Wisenet

  • Create eCAF in one click from within Wisenet

  • Simple eCAF monitoring and processing within Wisenet

  • eCAF progression management within Wisenet

KeyboardUsing the alternative

Logging in to the eCAF website and manually entering eCAF enrolment data. Then manually monitoring eCAF progress from within the eCAF site.

Automate processes throughout the learner's journey

WisenetUsing Wisenet

  • Application management processes to automate email or sms communications

  • Task creation to manage any cool-off periods

  • Enable our Learner App or eLearning access

  • Sync Learners to Xero

KeyboardUsing the alternative

Remembering each activity that needs to be actioned at every stage of the learner’s lifecycle and then manually completing this activity.

Frequently Asked Questions about VSL and FH

What is VET Student Loan?

VET Student Loan (VSL) is an Australian Government initiative that allows eligible students to pay part of all of their course fees via a government loan known as VET Student Loans. This is specific to vocational education and training (VET) of higher levels (diploma and above).

What do I need to do as a VSL provider?

RTOs and HEPs (Higher Education Providers) must comply with specific regulations, data collection and reporting requirements.  Providers must collect both AVETMISS and VSL data for any VSL courses being delivered.

Learn how to become a VSL approved provider

To access VFH assistance, a student must be:

What is FEE Help (FH)?

Higher Education FEE Help (FH) is a Commonwealth government loan initiative that allows eligible students to pay all of or part of their tuition fees. This is specific eligible students enroled in registered FEE Help providers or Open Universities Australia (OUA).Students are eligible for FEE Help if they:

  • Are studying at an approved FEE-HELP provider (approved provider) or through Open Universities Australia (OUA)

  • Are enrolled in an eligible unit of study by the census date for that unit

  • Are either:

    1) An Australian citizen, or

    2) A permanent humanitarian visa holder (resident in Australia for the duration of the UoS)

  • Are a permanent visa holder who is undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals, and will be resident in Australia for the duration of the study

  • Have not exceeded the FEE-HELP limit

  • Can provide: Meet one of the following tax file number (TFN) requirements:

    • A valid Tax File Number, or

    • A Certificate of application for a TFN

For more information on VET Student Loans and FEE Help/Higher Education reporting, visit our free Resource Centre.