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Comprehensive online attendance monitoring, progression reports, and scheduling.

Schedule classes, trainers, and venues. Keep track of performance with Attendance Monitoring and Progression Reports. Set up automated alerts to inform staff of low attendance or incomplete tasks. Enjoy a complete overview of schedules in your Calendar.
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Schedule classes, trainers, and venues

Manage class times for individuals or groups of students, and allocate trainers and venues to your Program courses or units.

Monitor attendance with accuracy

Mark and monitor learner attendance via Wisenet. Update attendance in bulk or for single students with accuracy, right down to the minute.

Measure progress and attendance

Online attendance management to keep track of learner attendance status and track against required attendance rates.

Get a visual overview of schedules

Visualise class schedules for groups of learners or individuals in weekly or monthly Calendar formats. Overlaps in schedules will also be reflected and are easy to edit.