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Lightweight and easy-to-use, the Trainer Portal is a private portal for all Trainers in your training organisation. 
Ensure the privacy of every learner record and breeze through assessments with top-notch class management.
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Top-notch class management across the board.

Trainers can view and edit their assigned Learners' enrolment histories, class details, attendance rolls and timetables. Quick enrolment of Learners is also available.

Fuss-free learner management

Manage class attendance with our mobile app, view scheduled classes and attendance rolls, retrieve reports in seconds, and manage everything from Unit Enrolments to Learner Details.

Identify at-risk learners and promote positive learner outcomes

Our Trainer Portal allows trainers to identify at-risk students based on attendance, assessment results, and engagement rates.

All the reports you need in one place.

Trainers can access reports direct from the dashboard. Report types available: Client Total Class Attendance
, Current Client Progression List
, Current Unit Enrolments for Trainer
, My Unit Matrix Details
, and Calendars

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