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Leverage single-sign-on and powerful connectivity with the Learner App, fully integrated with your Learning Relationship Management platform.
Your Learners can access a multitude of documents and update personal details - all essentials for compliance reporting and seamless integration.
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Manage Personal Details

Learners can update personal and contact information, so you don't have to. Each change, once saved, will be updated in your student management system immediately.

Keep Track of Attendance

Attendance Summaries and Details for each course are available to your Learners via the app.

View & Download Documents

All necessary documents provided by your training organisation can be accessed from the Documents tab. This includes Personal Documents, Enrolment Documents, and Policies & Procedures.

Single-Sign-On to e-Learning

Your Learners can access your connected e-Learning portal (e.g. Moodle or Teamie) from within the Learner App. Perfect for registered training organisations of any scale.

View & Manage Training History/Results

Each Learner's Training History includes results for each course and component.

Reset Passwords Securely & With Ease

First-access passwords issued are usually randomised. They're hard to guess but just as dfficult to remember. Your Learners can change this at any time via the Settings menu on the top-right corner, and these change will be applied to their e-Learning accounts as well.

Access Timetables

Learners are able to view timetables by day, week, or month including trainer name, where to go and what to bring.

View Account Balances & Pay Bills

Every transaction and payment made to your training organisation will be recorded, so every Learner can keep track of billing. Accepted payment methods include PayPal, phone, and cheque.