Wisenet is a division of Adapt IT

Minimise risk, manage resources. Designed to help registered training organisations to achieve maximum security easily

Control User Roles and Access for each application. Experiment with Sandbox Testing. Boost your Cloud security with two-factor authentication. Secure payment gateways to and from your public website. Better yet, do more with less: login to Wisenet once and immediately access all of your connected apps.
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Secure it like banks do with Two-Factor Authentication

User creation and updates involve both email and SMS authentication to ensure that only the right people will access your Wisenet Cloud.

Track all changes with Audit Trail Retention

View a detailed list of all changes that have been made in your Wisenet Cloud and connected applications.

Login once, access all

Login to your Wisenet Cloud once and immediately gain access to all of your hosted applications. Better yet - switch between profiles to access data from all of your training providers.

Tighten security with User Role Management

Select which role a user has for all of your native connected applications on Wisenet.

Manage & maximise with User Access control

Control user access and permissions for all of your connected applications. This includes learner, trainer, admin, and user access.