Wisenet is a division of Adapt IT

Unify records, notes, and tasks for maximum productivity with minimal effort

Create tasks and distribute them with ease. Add due dates and track progress of tasks, and never miss a beat with flexible checklists. Attach notes or journal logs to records for more comprehensive overviews. 
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Perfect it with Templates

Not sure where to begin, or have an idea of what you need? Save time with templates of your own making or choose one by Wisenet.

Consolidate scattered notes with ease

Add a note or journal log against records to outline information.

Organise tasks with Checklists

Create and implement checklists to ensure you've got everything in order before marking a task as complete.

Save more time - automate your tasks & notes

Save time with automated tasks and notes, powered by Learncycle Workflows, our very own Business Process Automation (BPA) framework.

Create and assign tasks

Create tasks and assign them to required staff. Email notifications will alert staff of changes to their tasks.

Manage Tasks with Task Board

Task dashboards provide insight into open tasks. The task board centralises all tasks to more easily organise and prioritise your work.