Wisenet is a division of Adapt IT

Achieve better student outcomes while reducing administrative overheads with our student enrolment management

Configure courses, units, and timetables. Gain flexible control over admissions, progress and results, and certification. Wisenet is fully compliant with standards in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, regardless of state or territory. 
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Configure Programs

Setup when, how, and where courses, training programmes and units are delivered.

Enrol and organise with ease

Student enrolment management that helps enrol learners into programs, organise schedules with the scheduling wizard, and update details.

Track progression of each student

Track the progress of each student throughout the duration of their program with your registered training organisation.

Integrate admin records with finances

Quickly access and edit financial statuses of learners in your training programmes and automate processing.

Manage results and completion

Manage grades, results, and outcomes to meet compliance standards with ease.

Update records in bulk

Update course and unit enrolment records in bulk and save more time on administration.