Wisenet is a division of Adapt IT

An original, programmable business framework which automates processes based on your real-time student lifecycle events

Learncycle Workflows is an original production by Wisenet.
Get things done quickly - and with more accuracy: program and automate processes based on your training organisation's real-time student lifecycle events. Use Learncycle Workflows in your own fashion to create unique control over your data, administration, and reports.
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Create tasks automatically

Use triggers to automate tasks and assign them to select users and roles.

Schedule any activity

Choose to have any activity scheduled for a future date.

Automate your messaging

Automate message delivery to individuals or groups once conditions have been met.

Auto-generate documents 24/7

Generate reports, contracts, letters of offer at desired stages of the student lifecycle.

Automate data integration

Use triggers to automate integration of data between applications.

Automate to targeted audiences

Add and manage your Learncycle Audience easily via specific databases

Trigger auto field updates

Update form fields and values, depending on stage of enrolment or program.

Control with custom triggers

Choose the logic for what creates a trigger, which can then automate your chosen workflows.