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Introducing the “Per Learner” Subscription

We work with your business cycle. The flexible and collaborative solution to help you achieve more.

balancing price and value per learner

Pay as You Enrol Students with Active Learner Pricing

Unlimited Users

Give access to everyone who needs it, when they need it. Decentralise your processes and delegate accordingly to improve productivity.

Risk Sharing

Set a limited learner count based on your forecasted learner fluctuations allowing for greater expense flexibility.

Sales Edition

Manage your sales opportunities on our CRM module where your sales team will have unlimited access to the application.

Compatible Pricing Model

Our pricing model is aligned with your business cycle, let's grow together.

Free Enquires

Pay only for learners who apply or enrol each month, enquiries are free.

Flexible Management

Flexibility to manage ‘ups and downs’ within your business cycle based on Learner numbers.

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Pay only for the learners you're working with!

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