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Christabel Lum16/02/16 16:421 min read

Free Guide: 5 Tips To Grow Your Training Organisation With Online Enrolment

online enrolment for training organizations

If you build it, they will come.

While that tip from Field of Dreams has primed countless organisations of various industries for success, it has also left the clueless feeling rather, well, helpless. (Not to mention poorer!)

It's true. A website can be a powerful sales tool for virtually any business. But the harder truth is that most of us don't have the expertise or resources to build an e-commerce website which results in business growth. 

Here's some good news for all registered training organisations: we've built you a new Online Enrolment app to extend your existing web site with a self-service booking engine complete with payment processing - in minutes

Focus on marketing your website, not building it. Make your mantra instead "If you invest in the right tools, they will come."

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All You Need Is One Tool:
Online Enrolment

This app is the latest addition to our suite of tools for training organisations. Add this self-service booking engine and secure payment gateway (plus an automation feature) to your website with just a few lines of simple HTML code.

Turn your website into a business growth engine. Start your interactive tour now!

Better yet, simplify the processes that take place after a Learner clicks "Apply Now" on your website! 

Here are Online Enrolment's new features at a glance:

  1. International Addresses
  2. Updated personal information fields (including USI numbers for Australian RTOs)
  3. Customisation
  4. Learncycle Workflows

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As always, all the information that’s captured in this plug-in will be synced with your Wisenet Learning Relationship Management (LRM) application. When captured, you can view your updated Learner details and accept or decline enrolments where necessary.

Online Enrolment is an optional feature available to Wisenet customers in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore localised for each country. Contact us today if you'd like a free, no-obligation consultation of how this feature can benefit your business!

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Christabel Lum

Christabel is a Digital Marketing Executive at Wisenet. Content marketing, inbound marketing, and website development, and education technology are her latest adventures, because they make a fab combination of her favourite things: building things from scratch and writing.