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Taryn Champion12/08/22 23:455 min read

4 Advantages Of An All-In-One Training Management System

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Cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular across all industries. Since the benefits of cloud computing software yields phenomenal results, more education providers are turning to these solutions to satisfy a variety of needs and processes through the use of college training management systems.

Single-use solutions and platforms were popular at a time, but as solution stacks grow, a realisation has set in. We don’t need to juggle between various platforms to get the job done. We can have everything we need for our college in one training management system. An all-in-one solution for colleges and education providers includes:

This is provided all under one umbrella in a fully-fledged solution to manage the complete student lifecycle at your college.

If your college values time, is looking to save costs, and needs agile integration in its workflows, this article is for you. Here are 4 ways an all-in-one training management system can benefit your college.


1. Cut costs with a fully-fledged Training Management System

Cost is a big decision-making factor when shopping for software. We all want to get the most bang for our buck and see the value from the systems we choose. All-in-one training management systems are known to be more affordable than single-use solutions. Theoretically, the training management system you choose should cover all aspects of the student's lifecycle, from discovery to graduation and beyond.

If your training management system doesn’t cater to all lifecycle phases, such as the enrolment and learn phase, you’re probably using another single-use solution to fill this gap. This equates to more solutions in your basket and more cost. If you opt for a training management system that covers all phases in the student lifecycle, you won't need to shop around and spend more on a solution to complete your software package.

An all-in-one training management system also allows you to save time. Instead of users wasting time from jumping back and forth between platforms, an all-in-one training management gives users access to everything they need in one place. Since time is money, this frees up time for your college staff to focus on other pressing activities.

An all-in-one training management system also has a simple pricing model of the overall cost for all components, making it much easier to understand, calculate, and budget for the year. Having separate platforms can make pricing trickier, since they need to be added up.


2. Simplified data collection and analysis

Collecting data at your college in a systematic way defined by governing bodies is a mandatory reporting requirement for colleges. Whether you’re submitting SAQA reports in South Africa or TCSI reports in Australia, reporting requirements are very specific. So, to increase the effectiveness of the analytics at your college, you must have varied and accessible information. Colleges may also need to track internal data, such as enrolment count, student demographics and the like. This can become a time-consuming and confusing activity, often leading to errors if not done properly.

With the use of an all-in-one training management system, you are able to gather the information you need in a simplified way. Since an all-in-one system offers an array of data ranging from enrolments to applications, student classes, completed vs outstanding tasks, and so many other fields of information, you are able to select which processes to report on through a single pipeline. Users can get robust stats from just one system with a click of a button, instead of tick-tocking between various platforms, allowing for a simplified data collection process that is more efficient and accurate.


3. Say NO to barriers

Cloud-based software offers many benefits, with the most profound benefit being scalability. Colleges are dynamic and forever changing, from fluctuating enrolments and student counts to the development of new internal processes and reporting requirements. Make sure that your training management system also accommodates your changes and growth.

All-in-one training management solutions catering to the complete student lifecycle make this process very simple by providing updates for your college fluctuations all at once. Instead of jumping back and forth between single solutions to confirm and keep track of updates, users are given the autonomy to track updates in one place.

For example, when your mobile device alerts you about application updates, instead of updating each application individually one at a time, you’re given the option to click ‘update all’ on Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store on iOS if you’re an Apple user. This removes the hassle of waiting for each application to update individually, saving you so much time. Makes sense to be given this option since all your applications are on one device, right?

Simplified scalability allows for consistent and timely updates and upgrades, which in turn increase productivity at your college.


4. Accessibility drives productivity

Bouncing from one platform to another is time consuming, which can cause frustration for users who have to login to two or three systems each day. Since time is money, your college will undoubtedly save using an all-in-one training management system. Costs can also be saved on training, which takes much more time when needed across multiple systems. Costs associated with training employees on multiple systems can be significantly reduced by training users on one system as opposed to two, or even three. Your college staff are the main users of your systems. They are the ones who spend all the time doing things manually. Removing the admin that comes with logging in to various systems daily and receiving training on various systems will save them time, limit errors and reduce the need to bounce back and forth between systems to gather information. Furthermore, less confusion and errors can be avoided since all information and training is very focused.

Because potential mistakes and errors are a risk to any organisation, try to mitigate this through the use of an all-in-one training management system that takes charge of the end-to-end student lifecycle.


Single-use systems are ideal for colleges that only need to focus on one stage of the student lifecycle. Since colleges rarely have one problem to solve and focus on more than one element in the student lifecycle, investing in a user-friendly all-in-one training management system may be the best solution for your college. All-in-one training management systems offer profound advantages and can meet all your college needs, student and user needs eliminating confusion, removing unwanted costs, freeing up time and giving you everything your college needs in one space.

Find out how Wisenet can take your college from zero to one hundred with its all-in-one training management system.


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