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Taryn Champion

Hey there, ed-tech enthusiasts! I'm Taryn Champion, your trusty blogger for all things education technology and Wisenet-related. During the day, I'm busy turning ideas and updates into captivating stories, and when the sun sets, I shift gears to savour precious family moments. When I'm not blogging, you'll catch me discovering new restaurants, enjoying craft activities, or getting lost in an inspiring book. Let's dive into this thrilling edtech adventure together. Buckle up and enjoy the journey!

Blog Post by Taryn Champion

Taryn Champion31/01/24 21:168 min read

The Importance of Reflection: Using insights to set Goals

Before You Begin When reading through this blog, you can quickly identify key points and ...
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Taryn Champion20/11/23 17:452 min read

DSR Programme: Transforming Data Reporting for Smarter Investment Decisions in TEC

The Data System Refresh (DSR) programme is revolutionising data management in the ...
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Taryn Champion22/09/23 01:433 min read

How Validum Institute Boosted Sales and Achieved Customer Success

Validum Institute, a reputable institution for real estate licensing training, is proud ...
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Taryn Champion03/07/23 16:485 min read

Unleash the Power of Your Website: A Journey into Google Analytics 4

Google recently announced that it is sunsetting Universal Analytics in June 2023. But ...
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Taryn Champion09/05/23 08:003 min read

RIP, Old Enrolment, Long Live Sales+!

The New Kid on the Block is Here to Steal the Show! Well, well, well, it seems that the ...
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Taryn Champion28/04/23 20:103 min read

How To Use Your Student Management System To Communicate With Your Students

In today's fast-paced world, effective communication is key to success in any ...
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Taryn Champion10/03/23 23:433 min read

Is A Student Management System Useful for Colleges?

Student management systems have become increasingly popular for colleges as they ...
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Taryn Champion13/02/23 21:312 min read

Five ways to Boost College Student Numbers with an Education CRM System

In today’s competitive higher education landscape, it’s essential for colleges and ...
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Taryn Champion07/02/23 20:054 min read

Is your College Student Information System Equipped with these Five Features?

Navigating the crowded edtech market can be overwhelming when trying to decide which ...
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Taryn Champion31/01/23 22:003 min read

The Big Decision - To Build or Buy a Student Information System

As a CEO or C-suite executive, making the decision between building a student information ...
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Taryn Champion29/11/22 20:004 min read

6 Steps for choosing the best Student Management System for your College in 2023

Technology has opened the way to efficiency and has continuously steered the approaches ...
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Taryn Champion23/11/22 23:014 min read

5 Tips for Finding the Right Online Registration System for Your College

Edtech has revolutionised student enrolments for colleges. Online student enrolments have ...
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