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Taryn Champion13/02/23 21:312 min read

Five ways to Boost College Student Numbers with an Education CRM System

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In today’s competitive higher education landscape, it’s essential for colleges and universities to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to recruiting prospective learners. With college admission rates on the rise, it’s important to develop a proactive strategy to ensure that your institution stands out from the competition and attracts the best and brightest learners. Colleges can gain an edge over the competition by using an education CRM designed specifically for the education industry. Here are five ways to leverage this powerful tool and beat out the competition:

1. Automated communication and follow-ups 

By automating communication, colleges and universities can streamline the recruitment process and ensure that all prospective students receive the same information and message. Education CRM systems can help automate communication with prospective students by sending out emails, and text messages, and even tasking staff for following up.

A core benefit of automation is that you can make sure that you are able to stay organised and consistent with your college recruitment process. Education CRM systems can also help institutions track prospective students and their progress through the recruitment process. This can help to create targeted campaigns and ensure that recruitment efforts are as effective as possible.


2. Track student engagement

Education CRM systems can help your college track and improve student engagement with your college. By tracking website visits, emails opened, and other student activities, you can easily identify which students are most interested in your college and prioritise recruitment efforts accordingly. The system can also be used to measure student progress over time, allowing administrators to identify trends in student engagement and make adjustments to enhance student success. This enables your college to create a more personalised and tailored experience for the students, helping them reach their academic goals.


3. Customisable reporting and analytics 

Reporting can be a time-consuming and tedious effort for colleges. Education CRM systems remove the administration from this activity and can generate reports on recruitment efforts. The system can provide detailed reports on the recruitment process, such as the number of students who applied for a course or module, the average grades of accepted students, and the average time to accept an offer. This data can help colleges better understand their recruitment process and make adjustments to improve their success rate.


4. Automated lead capture and qualification

Some colleges have strict criteria for enrolling into a course. Education CRM systems can be used to automatically qualify leads based on criteria such as demographics, interests, qualifications etc. This will help you quickly identify leads that are most likely to convert into enrolled students. It also removes the admin of staff going through tons of applications to qualify students manually. Education CRM systems conduct this process efficiently allowing for seamless and quick qualification of each and every student.


5. Monitor opportunity progress

Education CRM systems provide an invaluable tool for keeping track of student opportunities throughout their journey. From the moment a student enrols in a module, to their eventual acceptance, you can monitor their progress with ease. With this system, you can stay up to date on every stage of their educational journey, ensuring no opportunities are missed.


Wisenet’s CRM is built for the education industry and has all the features your college needs, and more. Sales+ allows you to sell courses on your website, take online enrolments and applications for your education and training facility, and collect payments all from our powerful, easy-to-use e-commerce platform for training organisations. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us. 



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