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Taryn Champion17/06/22 17:593 min read

Benefits Of A Fit-For-Purpose Education CRM For RTOs

Education CRM For RTOs


RTOs looking to put more bums on seats must choose their education CRM carefully.

Many higher education institutions/ RTOs are increasingly adopting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to attract, retain and serve their current and prospective students. Since students are the customers of a college and have a myriad of options available to them, an education CRM must be used by colleges to gain a competitive advantage. To obtain that extra competitive edge, colleges should opt for a Sales+ CRM made uniquely and specifically for the education industry that understands the needs of education institutions, ticking off every single item needed and desired.


A well-rounded, fit-for-purpose Education CRM  system is vital to the success of operations at your RTO.

With a CRM for RTOs, you have a system built specifically for the education industry, ready to meet your desired goals to boost applications and get more bums on seats. With the right education CRM, you can easily recognise increased sales and profit. How you present your CRM and the functionality offered by it can help you retain current students and entice prospective students to enrol at your college.


To give you a view of how a CRM for RTOs can contribute positively to your business, we’ve listed a few statistics and trends below showcasing the outstanding outcomes and benefits experienced by the use of a CRM.

  • An abundant 72% of businesses state that using a CRM provides them access to better customer data

  • With the use of a CRM, conversion rates can increase by up to 300%

  • Customer retention rates increase with the use of a CRM, resulting in a profit gain ranging between 25% - 85%.

  • With the use of a CRM your chances of increasing revenue increase by 29%.

  • CRM has a massive influence on the satisfaction of customers according to 47% of companies.

  • Lead costs at companies can be cut by 23% with the use of CRM.

  • Data synchronisation is a major issue according to 51% of CRM users.

From the above statistics, we can deduce that education CRMs have provided extensive benefits for companies who choose to adopt and use them. But since businesses and industries all differ and have contrasting results to achieve, choosing a CRM system designed specifically for the education industry is key. 

With the array of options out there, you’re probably thinking, “what kind of CRM will work for my college?” Let’s take a look at a few more statistics below before we get to an answer.

  • Typically, only 50% of all CRM features are used by businesses that are paying for a general CRM.

  • Furthermore, 43% of CRM users use under half of the features provided by their chosen CRM system.

The majority of CRMs out there provide generic features. A general-purpose CRM is designed for a broad range of industries and comes with an array of features which your college may not make full use of.  Opting for a general-purpose CRM might not be the best solution for your college. To get more bang for your buck and reach your goal of boosting applications, ensure that the CRM you select is designed just for the education industry, understands your college needs and provides education industry-specific features that will take your college to new heights.

Unsure where to start to make your college stand out from the crowd for potential learners to discover education and training providers like yours?

If you’re looking to boost applications, choosing the right education CRM for RTOs is your best step forward. Let us show you how Sales+ can meet all these needs and more.



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