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Taryn Champion21/06/22 19:193 min read

Automate Your RTO Processes and Grow Your College

Automate RTO

It is quite evident that RTOs are riddled with old-fashioned manual processes and ways of working. From internal tasks to student payment methods, excel spreadsheets and paper remain a go-to method for countless colleges.

78% of business leaders believe that automating tasks in the organisation increases productivity for everyone involved.

This lack of transitioning has a rippling negative impact on a college’s internal processes and tasks, its students and the parents of students too. For perspective, ask yourself what happens to a college when you are stuck on manual processes, excel spreadsheets and paper? Not only are old-fashioned processes prone to human error, but everything takes much longer, colleges are stagnated since innovation drives growth, and profits are ultimately lost.


Automate Your RTO Processes For Multiple Benefits

But if you automate your RTO processes, your college can save costs, reduce error, and increase productivity and profits, all while improvising operational efficiencies and providing the best student experience. Plus, you will grow your college and its presence.

57% of IT leaders say that automation technology saves departments between 10 and 50% on costs previously associated with manual processing.

The ample benefits seen by a student management system have made this cutting-edge software a powerful tool for RTOs. However, they are often assumed to be more of a luxury than a necessity and so many colleges still stand by outdated manual processes, blinded by the bigger picture.


The first ever School Information Management System

For perspective, let’s take a trip back in time. The first school information management system was developed in the early 1980s. Prior to this development, colleges and RTOs relied heavily on manual processes to manage a student’s life cycle. This includes the manual processing of registrations, student enrolments, communication, tasks, invoicing, and all other end-to-end processes.

Furthermore, students were required to physically enrol or register to a college via post, which took days, weeks, and often times months. Manual payment methods were the only option and when students completed assignments and exams, results took more than just three business days to get to them. Imagine that? Instant registration, enrolments, communication, exam results, and payments were but a dream - a dream that has transpired into a reality over the past 40 years.


Grow Your College With A Student Management System

If you haven’t yet ventured into making use of a student management system to automate your RTO or aren’t entirely convinced of the need for one, you’re probably still pursuing 1980s manual processes. Clinging to old systems and processes may hold your college and students back from reaching their full potential. 

Fast-forwarding to the future, to the evolution of EdTech and student management systems, in particular, colleges worldwide have expanded their horizons and now experience a variety of benefits that come with the futuristic, customised features a student management system brings, including:

  • An increase in productivity,

  • A reduction in the cost of communication,

  • Enhanced communication,

  • A reduction in workload,

  • Better utilisation of time and resources

  • Centralized database for Information Management

  • Improved student success

  • Better parental involvement

  • Enhanced security

  • Improved inter-relations between departments

  • Increase in student enrolments

  • Global access

Similarly, when you automate your RTO processes, your students can take pleasure in:

  • Improved management of enrolments,

  • Exceptional communication,

  • Being notified throughout the application of the enrolment process

  • Having peace of mind that the college is on top of things

  • Logging onto a portal for timetables, exam updates, results, etc, at their convenience

  • Having various communication options

  • Quick and easy online payment methods

  • Being notified about a task that needs to be completed

  • Receiving details of all records of past and currently written examinations or assessments,

  • Putting full trust in the college

Students today are exposed to a variety of online channels, and as expectations rise, so does the expectation for colleges to evolve with the times and keep up with trends. Lacking the means to provide students with the convenience desired and expected to complete their studies in an easy, convenient, transparent, and timely manner can be extremely detrimental to the growth of a college. Essentially, in order to grow your college, it’s important to stay on top of the ever-changing technological landscape. When you automate your RTO processes with a student management system, this is all done for you.

To ensure your college stays innovative, ahead of the trends and relevant, choose a student management system that allows for effortless transition and onboarding, all while remaining transparent in your automation journey.

Contact the Wisenet team to find out more about how you can automate your RTO processes and move the needle on your college growth.



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