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Taryn Champion04/11/22 20:013 min read

How Secure Is Your Student Management System?

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Making use of a student management system entails having multiple sources of data. To keep your data and data points secure, there is a need to tighten and adapt security to the ever-changing circumstances of today. Hackers take advantage of the times we live in, often resulting in an explosion of security breaches. To give you an idea, a cyberattack is committed every 39 seconds, equating to on average 840 000 every year.

In your role as a training provider, you deal with a lot of personal information about your students. Authentication with a mere username and password is simply not secure enough to protect important personal data in your student management system. Those of us who are more security-conscious may have enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) on our Facebook, LinkedIn, or Gmail accounts. Despite the availability of these additional protocols, many companies still seem content with a simple username and password to safeguard the valuable data contained in student management systems and learning platforms.

Since security is not static and all data in your Student Management System (SMS) is security worthy, it is extremely important to keep up with technologies to reduce threat levels. A skimpy password standing in the way of your student's data being breached and exposed can be detrimental to your training organisation and the students you are responsible for.


Multi-Factor Authentication Can Help In Combating Cyber Threats

Compromised credentials have become one of the biggest security threats today. There has been a rise in the occurrence of cyber threats and the threat they pose to businesses and individuals cannot be overemphasised. Once a cybercriminal gets hold of corporate or private information, they can use stolen login details to log in to your accounts without the system picking up that it's not you, making these kinds of attacks difficult to detect.

With nearly half of companies not using MFA to secure their systems and data, cyber attackers are like kids in a candy store, jumping from one business to the next every 39 seconds.

Training providers dealing with heaps of personal data must add additional layers of protection to guard students’ data. MFA is a way to provide this protection by ensuring users enter a second form of identification before they can log in to a system.

Taking the responsibility to ensure your student management system supports MFA to protect against these kinds of attacks will be well worth the effort, so if you haven't activated it yet, you need to do so to ensure the security of your data.

This makes certain that no one else can access your information without permission. MFA can protect your data from:

  • Phishing attacks

    If a hacker attempts to steal your credentials, and you’ve implemented MFA, the hacker will be barred from gaining access. Wisenet’s 'Enforced Domains' allows users to enforce extra security to control which domains can access Wisenet and also leverages social login Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA). 

  • Ransomware

    Ransomeware attacks happen once a hacker gains access to account credentials. When Enforced Domains is deployed, hacking is not possible since existing and new domain name registrations for infringing domains are monitored.

Wisenet considers our clients' security our number one priority, and we won't compromise it at any cost, so we have enabled Social Login and Enforced Domains, which allows our clients to log into the portal using their Microsoft or Google accounts.

The benefits of Social Login are:

  • Leverage Social Login 2FA security

  • Easy and Quick access

  • Fewer Login failures

  • Password Management being managed in one place

There is an additional layer of protection on all user accounts with Enforced Domains, which restricts users from logging in to Wisenet unless they use a Social Login with a specific domain. This means that if you try logging in with a username/password OR with a Social Login domain that doesn’t match the enforced domain, then you will only be able to see the Login Options page to manage your Social Login.

Interested in a student management system that takes security seriously? contact us, or leave a comment below and we'll get back to you.


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