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Taryn Champion13/05/21 08:005 min read

Guide To Increasing Productivity For Education Providers

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During the 2020 pandemic, many of us, including education providers, were forced to adopt working from home (WFH) as the new business norm. This came with its own challenges, and although plenty of organisations had the idea that productivity would take a hit, it was actually quite the opposite.

A famous study was conducted by Stanford about working from home and productivity, where 16 000 employees were monitored over several months. The study shows that employees who work from home display a 13% boost in performance, compared to those who work at the office. By performance we mean more minutes worked, as well as more work done. We’re sure that bowl of popcorn on the side is a great incentive too!

These eye-opening results prove that, while WFH comes with some challenges, like being surrounded by those we live with, not being able to walk up to a colleague when we have a simple question to ask, or simply not receiving the incredible value a casual office encounter brings, which is not provided by Zoom meetings, it is quite evident that WFH is fruitful.

With the initial chaos of coronavirus having settled down somewhat, you might find that the workload as an education provider has increased. An increased workload coupled with a dispersed workforce can add unnecessary chaos and disjointment of the day-to-day activities. However, having the right tools and processes in place can significantly improve output and job satisfaction.

This blog will give you an insight into planning, tracking and reporting and will ultimately assist you in managing everyday tasks, all while ensuring that your education provider has the best student experience!


1. Planning for Education Providers

Focus your energy on high value activities by easily organising and prioritising your tasks.

Within education providers, the number of activities that occur across departments and between student lecturers takes place in masses and at a rapid pace. It can become overwhelming to stay on top of all activities, particularly if such activities are not planned out properly. Proper planning within your student management system provides a guide for action. It directs everyone’s actions towards a desired outcome and sets performance standards, allowing you, as an education provider, to focus on what is needed to achieve in terms of goals.

It goes without saying that having a clear overview of all activities is a must have for education providers. Having a full view of all tasks will reduce chaos at your college, and align your teachers and workforce with their top priorities. This will also give you ample time to focus on providing your learners with the best student experience.

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Where you can, then automate! That way you can concentrate on other important activities and see actual progress.

Automation is key to the prevention of error so that you never miss a beat! Why not avoid the manual processes within a learner’s lifecycle at your education provider, and instead automatically create and update all activities, from the time that they enquire to graduation? Triggers are a great way to update learner management activities by making use of key conditions that are specific to your education provider. It’s like having your process playbook done automatically so that your teaching staff focus on the high value, high return activities for your students.

When it comes to planning, it is important for the success of your education provider, that every single box is ticked to ensure optimum outcomes are achieved. Workflow automation features in a modern student management system can help alleviate the stress that comes with making sure every box is checked. Wisenet uses Learncycle workflows to automate this process.

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2. Student Management System Tracking

Start each day feeling calm and in control by having a clear overview of your to-do list.

Transparency brings about control, clarity, and understanding. In an effort to operate efficiently and seamlessly, education providers need a student management system that provides a clear overview of all tasks in real-time. Not only will this allow you to pocket valuable time, but it will also increase productivity, establish priorities and bring order to your education provider.

Whether you are looking to review incomplete tasks, or completed tasks, Dashboards give you a high level overview of all the happenings within your college in an easy to read format. Having the ability to filter and manage tasks or simply click through records with ease, allows you to stay ahead of all action items, leaving no room for delay, giving your institution the control it requires.
Go one step further by setting up your email notification preferences on how you would like to be notified about tasks assigned to you. This will allow you to stay on top of all activities, in one place, systematically, while taking the time to focus on other pressing activities.


We are a small team serving a large student and member base, therefore we need all the increased efficiency and time saving options that we can get our hands on.

-  Alina from Customs Brokers & Forwarders Council of Australia

See how Dashboards can add value to your education provider


3. College Reporting

Data is everything! Without data you cannot make important decisions within your business.

Data gives you full insight into how your education provider is performing in terms of enrolment counts, sales, learner details, and more. This can be used to develop forecasts and improve your decision making, identifying trends and irregularities that you’d like to avoid. Even more, full insight into how your education provider is performing can be optimised to feed back into your planning. This should be a stock standard feature in any student management system.

Rise to the next level and do this all in a single application, where you can customise your reports by selecting the data you’d like to report on. Take it even further and exceed expectations by scheduling reports to be automatically generated and emailed.

Having a robust reporting system not only increases visibility into your tasks within one application, but also provides full insight into how you are performing as an education provider.

Not only is it cost effective as you do not need to invest in a separate reporting system, but it also maintains operational efficiency, reducing chaos and leaving no time wasted on learning how to use multiple systems and applications. Go devote your time to current and future business development. You’ll thank us later!

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