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Taryn Champion20/09/22 17:183 min read

Wisenet participates in the VET Data Streamlining Program

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The Education Sector is in need of Data Streamlining

The needs of students, training providers and decision-making entities have shifted over time. Data management processes across the Vocational Education Training (VET) sector should keep up with these changes but have remained the same, not accommodating new requirements and changes. This has led to consumers of VET data not receiving or having access to the data they need, such as;

  • Up-to-date student activity information

  • High-quality data

  • A shared approach to information

  • Improved holistic outcomes for the sector at large.

At present, VET data reporting arrangements and submission systems are complex, multilayered and weighty. For the VET sector to flourish seamlessly, and meet future challenges like the pandemic, it is critical for the sector to focus on having timely information, of high quality to facilitate this.

This has led to the delivery of the VET Data Streamlining program, aimed at ensuring the VET sector is well-positioned to manage any challenges in the future, armed with high-quality and timely information.


How it will work

A service known as the Student and Training Activity Reporting System (STARS) will securely store VET data in a safe and central repository, which is accessible by governments and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). Training providers will have a connection with the STARS which assists providers with data validation for now, with further operating efficiencies to be delivered in the near future. Training providers will benefit from the STARS through submitting, validating, and correcting any errors on individual records as and when needed, and at any time.


Benefits for Training Providers

While new systems and processes require new learnings, the final outcome will result in many benefits for most stakeholders. For training providers:

  • Quick data validation of student information

  • Reduction in manual export uploads and data validations

  • Student information in STARS is current, allowing for useful analytics

Wisenet assists the Department to support change

The Australian Government has acknowledged the benefit of receiving feedback from the sector, including training providers, student management system providers, and state and territory governments to support the necessary changes. Wisenet has participated in many sessions over the years to assist the department with research on how to best implement the VET Data Streamlining solution. While the project is now very much a reality and past the concept phase, elements of the program are still underway, allowing training providers some time to adapt and prepare for the upcoming changes.


Wisenet is well prepared for STARS

Wisenet is built with app connectivity, events processing, and monitoring with various integrations already leveraging this architecture. Notably, the Australian Higher Education data collection known as Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI) is a similar integration, just with different data requirements. This means that Wisenet is well-rehearsed in adding new integrations and is already prepared for supporting the VET Data Streamlining program once it comes to fruition.

This will be implemented in such a way that will automatically stream the required data from Wisenet to the government and provide our customers with alerts should anything require your attention.

The benefit of the VET Data Streamlining program is to simplify the data collection process, and so if you correctly collect the data in Wisenet, we will ensure that it is kept in sync with the STARS.


What to do next?

Wisenet is continuing to work with the VET Data Streamlining team to ensure that the final solution is robust, and will reduce administrative overheads for stakeholders.

Once the new system is ready to integrate with, Wisenet will build out integration to ensure that training providers have a simple way to interact with the VET Data Streaming system.

We will ensure that you are kept up to date with developments as and when they are made.

Feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch with us for any queries or concerns you may have relating to the VET Data Streamlining program.


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