• Wisenet Messaging Features

Customise reports & messages

Build and customise your uReports and messages to suit your needs.

Wisenet Customised Messages & Reports

Connect with 1-to-1 Messaging

Send messages to individuals. Better yet: use custom templates
tailored for your various messaging needs.

Wisenet 1-to-1 Messaging

Reach more with Group Messaging

Select one or more recipients at a time. Filter and choose recipients
based on criteria of your choice. 

Wisenet Group Messaging

Automate your messaging

Automate message delivery to individuals or groups
once conditions have been met.

Wisenet Automated Messaging

Add context with Document Sharing

Add context and meaning for your recipient(s) with
file attachments. Say more with up to 10MB per file.

Wisenet Document Sharing via Messages

Share uReports with other VIPs

Know someone who needs that custom report you just generated?
Let it do more in a message - share it with individuals orgroups, or clip it to an existing record.

Wisenet Custom Document Sharing via Messages