• Wisenet Reporting & Analysis Features

Access tons of reports

Take your pick from various data types to view and export.
Report types include financial, marketing, sales, and data integrity.

Access tons of reports

Unify with Dashboards

Customise dashboards for each licensed user. Do this based on

Wisenet Reporting & Analysis Features - Customised Dashboards With User Access & Role Management

Customise your data dropdown values

Create and update dropdown values for specific fields in data sets or checklists.

Wisenet Customisation Features - Data Dropdown Values

Qualify with credentials efficiently

Request and issue credentials and testamurs for individual
students or groups with the same offer.

Wisenet Reporting & Analysis Features - Credentials & Testamurs

Quantify your quality management

Access management reports vital for making important business decisions.
Perfect for managers or C-level execs.

Wisenet Reporting & Analysis Features - Business Management Reports

Generate uReports in bulk

After you've built your custom uReport template, generate these
in bulk based on your pre-defined criteria. 

Wisenet Reporting & Analysis Features - Generate uReports in bulk

Deliver & schedule reports

Subscribe to reports of choice and have them delivered to yourself or
other users via Messages or email. This can also be done automatically.

Wisenet Reporting & Analysis Features - Schedule Report Delivery

Save time with Bulk Actions

Request and issue credentials to students in bulk.
Watch this free video tutorial to see how it works.

Wisenet Reporting & Analysis Features - Bulk Actions

Issue Student ID cards

Issue student identification cards easily to learners enrolled in your Wisenet.
Custom design of student ID cards by Wisenet is also available as a service.

Wisenet Reporting & Analysis Features - Student Identification Cards

Impress with original custom documents

Create and update reports with custom document templates. Includes credentials, letters of offer, contracts, training plans, and more. Explore uReport possibilities in our free Resource Centre.

Wisenet Reporting & Analysis Features - Custom Documents

Request your own custom document templates

Wisenet can create custom document templates for you at a fee. To request your custom report document templates, simply login and submit a support ticket via your Wisenet portal.