• Wisenet Security Features

Secure it like banks do
with Two-Factor Authentication

User creation and updates involve both email and SMS authentication
to ensure that only the right people will access your Wisenet Cloud.

Wisenet Security Features - Two factor authentication

Login once, access all

Login to your Wisenet Cloud once and immediately gain access to all of your hosted applications.
Better yet - switch between profiles to access data from all of your training providers.

Wisenet Security Features - Single-Sign-On Integration

Manage & maximise with User Access control

Control user access and permissions for all of your connected applications.
This includes learner, trainer, admin, and user access.

Wisenet Security Features - User Access Management

Track all changes with Audit Trail Retention

View a detailed list of all changes that have been made
in your Wisenet Cloud and connected applications.

Wisenet Security Features - Audit Trail Retention to track all changes for all connected business applications

Tighten security with User Role Management

Select which role a user has for all of your native connected applications on Wisenet.

Wisenet Security Features - User Role Management