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6 Steps for choosing the best Student Management System for your College in 2023

Technology has opened the way to efficiency and has continuously steered the approaches industries take to improve business processes and daily operations. Since technology is forever evolving it's critical to keep up with these changes for the benefit of your institution.

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5 Tips for Finding the Right Online Registration System for Your College

Edtech has revolutionised student enrolments for colleges. Online student enrolments have become a trend that has been well received by applicants due to the efficiency, effectiveness and ease it brings. The relationship between online registration systems and training providers has proven to be symbiotic too. Choosing the right online registration system or education CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for your college can also lead to increased user engagement and student enrolments. If you haven’t yet acquired an education CRM or haven’t reaped any positive results from your current system, then this blog is for you. Here are five tips for selecting the right online registration system to improve your student enrolment.

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How Secure Is Your Student Management System?

Making use of a student management system entails having multiple sources of data. To keep your data and data points secure, there is a need to tighten and adapt security to the ever-changing circumstances of today. Hackers take advantage of the times we live in, often resulting in an explosion of security breaches. To give you an idea, a cyberattack is committed every 39 seconds, equating to on average 840 000 every year.

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How Student Information Systems are Empowering Higher Education Institutions (And Why You Should Care)

Higher education institutions are inundated with a host of tasks throughout the student journey. One of the critical things that they need to consider is how to ease up processes and increase productivity while removing room for error to allow and create better outcomes. 

It is a known fact that technology, or specifically edtech for education institutions, can improve operations having a rippling positive effect on internal processes, the student journey, and overall student experience. 

In this blog, we touch on some of the most frequent challenges education institutions face and how you can overcome them with an all-encompassing Student Information System (SIS).


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Wisenet participates in the VET Data Streamlining Program

The Education Sector is in need of Data Streamlining

The needs of students, training providers and decision-making entities have shifted over time. Data management processes across the Vocational Education Training (VET) sector should keep up with these changes but have remained the same, not accommodating new requirements and changes. This has led to consumers of VET data not receiving or having access to the data they need, such as;

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Wisenet Shortlisted for 2022 SaaS Awards 

International Software Awards Program Announces Initial Shortlist 

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Happy Birthday, Wisenet! We Just Turned 25!

We are so excited and proud to celebrate 25 years in business as a student management system and education CRM for institutions globally. We’ve come a long way since our first application on a floppy disk in 1997 to what we are today, and while we know our hard work steered this path, we also know that it takes two to tango! We could not have done it without our loyal customers who inspire us daily. It’s your faith in us that has made us remain here for so long.

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Automate Your RTO Processes and Grow Your College

It is quite evident that RTOs are riddled with old-fashioned manual processes and ways of working. From internal tasks to student payment methods, excel spreadsheets and paper remain a go-to method for countless colleges.

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Thanks to you, we’ve added another G2 badge to our wall of achievements

Wisenet has been identified as one of the best Student Information Systems, based on 'high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend' ratings from real users on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website.

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Modernise Student Recruitment In Three Easy Steps

If you don’t want to miss out on student enrolment, it is essential that your RTO has a well-grounded admissions plan in place. With an increase in RTO enrolments, comes an increase in revenue. Taking student recruitment progression lightly can be detrimental and may set your RTO back, especially since the boom in education's global reach and the competition this brings.

Educational institutions are becoming more competitive to maximise student admissions, leaving RTOs no choice but to meet and exceed the expectations of students with an online enrolment system or CRM to ensure a high return on their investment. Don’t let your competition leap ahead of you. By ensuring a modern student recruitment process, you’ll easily increase your student intake. Use a student management CRM to increase enrolments and take your college to new heights in three easy steps.

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