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How Student Information Systems are Empowering Higher Education Institutions (And Why You Should Care)

Higher education institutions are inundated with a host of tasks throughout the student journey. One of the critical things that they need to consider is how to ease up processes and increase productivity while removing room for error to allow and create better outcomes. 

It is a known fact that technology, or specifically edtech for education institutions, can improve operations having a rippling positive effect on internal processes, the student journey, and overall student experience. 

In this blog, we touch on some of the most frequent challenges education institutions face and how you can overcome them with an all-encompassing Student Information System (SIS).


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Modernise Student Recruitment In Three Easy Steps

If you don’t want to miss out on student enrolment, it is essential that your RTO has a well-grounded admissions plan in place. With an increase in RTO enrolments, comes an increase in revenue. Taking student recruitment progression lightly can be detrimental and may set your RTO back, especially since the boom in education's global reach and the competition this brings.

Educational institutions are becoming more competitive to maximise student admissions, leaving RTOs no choice but to meet and exceed the expectations of students with an online enrolment system or CRM to ensure a high return on their investment. Don’t let your competition leap ahead of you. By ensuring a modern student recruitment process, you’ll easily increase your student intake. Use a student management CRM to increase enrolments and take your college to new heights in three easy steps.

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Convert RTO Leads With These Must-Have CRM Features

Your student management CRM is a powerful resource that can help you build your RTO business while easing day-to-day tasks simultaneously. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are advancing rapidly. Customers are spoilt for choice with over 650 systems to choose from. According to a research report by BuyerZone, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM software.

Having a good CRM platform forms the backbone of so many successful RTOs, and reaps phenomenal results. Most RTOs rely on CRMs to get by efficiently with day-to-day tasks, meaning a CRM is viewed as a vital component that can add immense value.

Businesses and RTOs alike are always looking for the next best digital platform to generate enquiries, convert leads, and boost revenue. With so many CRMs to choose from, how do you know which will work best for your educational institution to convert leads?

Let’s take a closer look at lead conversion and the necessary features your CRM should have to convert RTO leads.

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5 Ways To Boost Successful College Applications For Your RTO

Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems assist colleges to manage communications and processes that relate to the student lifecycle. Internal processes from discovering a course, through to enrolment are done on an RTO student management CRM. Tenure, graduation, and post-graduation are made simple with a well-rounded and suitable student management system.

To give you an idea of what mistakes to avoid when selecting a CRM system for your college, we wanted to highlight the things you might be doing wrong already. 

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Technology Trends Impacting Higher Education Providers

The way a student experiences learning and activities at your institution is a vital component to the success of any higher education provider. This has changed drastically due to unforeseen circumstances, including the Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping abreast of technology trends is vital for education providers to progress in an ever-changing, competitive environment.

Since education leaders are always seeking ways to optimise and modernise through technology, a study by Gartner that focused on the technology trends shaping higher education globally was conducted.

According to the study, trend profiles of the Top Higher Education Technology and Business Trends for 2021, include:

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How Students Choose Training Providers And How You Can Get Them To Choose Yours

You have a website. Great! Your SEO and marketing strategies are luring students to your website. You're converting visitors into leads for your college. Fantastic! Your student enrolment process is simple and seamless. Amazing!

But how do you get students to make that final call and choose your institution over others? To answer this question, think about the differentiating factors that students look out for before making their absolute and final decision. Or continue reading to gain insight into these simple, yet very effective steps in making your learning facility a real knockout!

In this blog post, we outline significant factors that will make students see your institution and training programmes as more desirable than the competition.


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Ways To Grow Enrolments As An Education Provider

We have put together some inventive ways to grow student enrolments as an education provider.

The vast majority of the world has been in lockdown for over 18 months since combating Covid-19, and Education Providers globally continue to be impacted. Many have been left with no alternative but to close their campuses, and move classes online to protect students through preventative measures such as quarantining. Furthermore, the level of unemployment and underemployment forced many to leave the college pipeline. Due to unprecedented times, the world of education has had to quickly adapt, and while most have successfully adjusted, one very important component remains affected - enrolments.

Education Providers across the globe have experienced a decrease in college applications and school enrolments, particularly in the past 18 months. Parallel to this decrease, Education Providers are faced with growing competition, and must swiftly adapt to utilising futuristic tools and features to increase enrolments in an increasingly competitive environment and in the midst of a global pandemic.

Find out how you can increase enrolments at your Education Provider, using the simple methods listed below.

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JobTrainer: 6 Tips for Your Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

The Australian Prime Minister announced the Australian Government will partner with state and territory governments to establish a new $1 billion JobTrainer Skills Training Fund.

This is clearly welcome news, but what does it actually mean for registered training organisations (RTOs) and their learners?

The fund will provide training places to help school leavers and job seekers access free or low-cost courses in areas of identified skills need, with the Federal Government providing $500 million with matched contributions from state and territory governments.  Let's hope everyone is on board!

To inform the identification of courses, the National Skills Commission (NSC) will create an indicative list of qualifications based on its own research, analysis and consultation with stakeholder organisations. This list will help inform discussions with state and territory government, with those discussions to determine the qualifications and short courses to be funded via the JobTrainer Fund.

For participating state and territories - and let's hope that's everyone - it is expected that training places will be available from September 2020. Information on training places delivered under the JobTrainer Fund will be made available through the National Careers Institute on the My Skills website.

Given the rapidly changing labour market and economy, this list will be live and will be updated and refined as required, based on both data and analysis from the NSC and states and territories, and intelligence on the ground.

The key takeaway is that RTO technology platforms that are agile and adaptable will be key to accessing the opportunities that JobTrainer offers.  Strap in - it's going to be a wild ride!

Here's a few things to think about when it comes to Job Trainer:

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