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How Validum Institute Boosted Sales and Achieved Customer Success

Validum Institute, a reputable institution for real estate licensing training, is proud to offer nationally recognised vocational courses in the dynamic field of real estate and has been a customer of Wisenet for more than 6 years. With a strong commitment to delivering quality education and customer service, Validum Institute has chosen to enhance its offerings by integrating Sales+, Wisenet's specialised CRM designed specifically for the education industry. Validum recognises the value that Sales+ brings to its operations and is excited to leverage its powerful features to streamline its processes further and grow its enrolments.

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5 Manual Processes That RTOs Can Automate With An Education CRM

Automation, particularly while managing a global pandemic, has grown and become a permanent fixture in the way businesses operate. According to CB Insights, it represents an estimated $337B global market. More learners, particularly since the pandemic, are accessing online learning with RTOs. This number has grown from 21 million learners in 2016 to 92 million learners in 2021. If you think that automation is a stopgap, this should be proof enough that it is much more.

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Benefits Of A Fit-For-Purpose Education CRM For RTOs

Education CRM For RTOs


RTOs looking to put more bums on seats must choose their education CRM carefully.

Many higher education institutions/ RTOs are increasingly adopting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to attract, retain and serve their current and prospective students. Since students are the customers of a college and have a myriad of options available to them, an education CRM must be used by colleges to gain a competitive advantage. To obtain that extra competitive edge, colleges should opt for a Sales+ CRM made uniquely and specifically for the education industry that understands the needs of education institutions, ticking off every single item needed and desired.

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